Captain Patrick Bryant


Fishing the waters of Holden Beach and Morehead City since the age of 6 has fired a passion for saltwater fishing that cannot be described. The thousands of hours spent chasing fish from Hatteras, North Carolina to Fourchon, Louisiana has given Captain Patrick the experience that it takes to be a successful and safety oriented captain. When Captain Patrick and the crew of the “Twister” are not taking clients on the fishing trip of their lifetimes, they are busy commercial fishing and fishing tournaments.  Spending extra time on the water allows them to keep track of the migrating schools of fish, thus ensures that the “Twister” always knows where the fish are hiding.

Captain Derek Savage


Being raised as a child on the Eastern Shore of Maryland helped Captain Derek become a great angler. These waters are filled with numerous species of fish such as Striped Bass, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Flounder, Bluefish, and Cobia just to name a few. Having such a variety of fish to target helped Captain Derek become one of the most well rounded anglers this area has ever seen. After moving to North Carolina he has kept up with his tradition and developed the skills to become an awesome Grouper and King Mackeral Fisherman. If you’re lucky enough to have Captain Derek while fishing with Twister Charters, this will be an experience you will not soon forget.

Captain Zach Shackleton

Captain Zack is the newest addition to Twister Charters. Holden Beach has been a summer home for Captain Zack since day one. This opportunity as allowed him to spend most of his time chasing and catching big fish. He is a very experienced angler on the inshore scene as well as offshore. Captain Zach has been a mate for Twister Charters since age 14. If your lucky enough to have Zack as your captain your in for a great time!


Twister Charters Tournament Highlights

  • 5th Place 2001 South Brunswick Islands
  • 9th Place 2002 Atlantic Beach King Mackeral Tournament
  • 1st Place 2006  Jolly Mon
  • 2nd Place 2006  Fall Brawl
  • 4th Place 2007  Jensen Beach SKA Pro
  • 9th Place 2007  U.S. Open  KMT
  • 1st Place 2008 Gregory Poole
  • 4th place 2008 Little River SKA Pro
  • 25th Place 2008 SKA National  Championship
  • 8th Place 2009 Golden Isles; Brunswick,Georgia
  • 8th Place 2009 South Brunswick Isles
  • 4th Place 2009 U.S. Open Championship
  • 3rd Place 2009 Rumble in the Jungle, Little River S.C.
  • 2006 Division 9 SKA Champion

More than 40 times placing in the money